Custom Bathroom Ideas Just For You!


shutterstock_302021828Custom bathrooms are truly a luxury that not many people get to experience in their lifetime. Most bathrooms are designed and produced with the general public in mind, and oftentimes, these generalized bathrooms do not include elements that fit the a person’s specific needs. Renters are most often left with a bathroom that does not include all the things the renter would want in a bathroom. Home buyers can also be left with a bathroom that is less than desirable, but a home buyer luckily has the choice to renovate their bathroom and make it just what they want it to be. Whether you are a renter, homebuyer, or even a college student in a dorm – there are so many options for small bathroom ideas that it fit your everyday needs!

When considering how to customize your bathroom, it is important to think about the main way you use your bathroom. Some people simply use the bathroom for it’s basic purposes. Others use their bathroom for grooming, storage, makeup application, and so on. Another thing to consider when designing custom bathrooms is lighting that goes above and beyond the standard installation. The possibilities are endless, when it comes to custom bathrooms, but here are few specific ways you can implement some change in your bathroom.


If you are a homebuyer or new home builder, you could easily add more permanent lighting to your bathroom. Most bathrooms come equipped with one overhead light (or just one set of lights over the vanity/sink area). This amount of lighting is not nearly enough for a bathroom. It would be prudent to consider adding lighting above the shower/tub area, in the center of the room, and above the sink/vanity area. If you are a renter, you could always change the bulbs to a brighter type. A renter may also be able to fit temporary wall mounted or stand alone lamps that would add more light to their bathroom.


Adequate storage space is a must in a bathroom. First, make sure you consider what you want to store in your bathroom. There are many options for prefabricated and free-standing bathroom storage solutions in most stores that carry home products. Floating shelves would add storage and a nice decorative touch to a bathroom.


The options for bathroom fixtures are immense! There are steam showers, bidets, jets for the tub, waterfall shower heads, self flushing toilets, bowl sinks or flush mounted sinks and so much more.


Painting is usually an option that most people have whether they are renters or homebuyers. A change in paint color on your walls or cabinets can make a huge difference in the overall look for your bathroom. If you want to change your bathroom countertops, and installing new countertops is not an option – there are several online retailers that offer faux finishes that you could easily apply to your current countertops. These faux countertop applications are advertised to leave no permanent residue on your original countertops. Cabinet hardware is another thing that can be easily changed and would create a huge design impact.

I could go on and on about the ways there are to customize your bathroom! Hopefully you can find inspiration and a place to start from some of the topics above.

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