• Technology: Ghanaian Student Create Audio System

    Samuel Aboagye of Aggrey Road, a Ghanaian high school student has amazed the entire Ghanaian school community by flexing his genius to design an audio system to recycle plastic gallons. It's an innovation that bears his name and could earn him a living already at a young age.

    What did he build?

    This is an audio system that Samuel Aboagye has built. This system is supported by a Bluetooth technology that allows the production of sound. The young high school student was able to make his creation out of plastic gallons. He was inspired by the Dext Technology Limited science kit, a Ghanaian technology company. His sound system produces good quality sound. It has a magnetic system and consists of 40 separate elements and electronic components such as iron, filings, etc.
    According to claims by several technology companies such as Antipem, Samuel Aboagye's kit could be used to solve scientific problems of an academic nature. Already, the kit has been produced in quantity and distributed in all schools, high schools and colleges in the country. This success of the young person would serve as an example and proof of success for his peers who should imitate him.

    This is not the first youth initiative in Ghana.

    Technological innovations are not new to Ghana. Seven young high school students at the Kristo Asafo Mission have put their creativity to use and built an "aeroplane car" which was recently launched by the Kanaka Group.
    These success stories should be promoted in a context where Africa is sorely lacking in cutting-edge technologies to foster its development. It is also proof that precise Ghana can count on the potential of these young people to create engineering companies capable of recovering and transporting its young people into finished products, i.e. world-class engineers.

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  • How to choose a wireless home cinema

    There is such a variety of home cinemas out there that it can be embarrassing to make an ideal choice. This is indeed the ideal, because when you are not a technician to distinguish the real from the fake, the good from the best on the market. In order to help you make the best choice of your product, we propose here, some criteria of choice.

    What to remember about wireless home cinema

    Wireless home cinema is an installation used either in one's home or in a cinema to produce sound. It is an assembly of equipment, used to serve sound, video, in short atmosphere.
    The wireless home cinema is a very attractive modern device given its multiple functions, especially as it is light and easy to handle. The technology with which it has been designed makes it the best of its generation in terms of producing sound and visuals in both meeting places and homes.

    What are the criteria for choosing a wireless home cinema?

    Before discussing the criteria for choice, we would like to emphasise one element that determines the quality of any product. This is the cost of purchasing the item. It is very crucial, because quality has a cost and the best products also come at better prices.
    So, if you want to buy your wireless man cinema at the best value for money, you need to look at these criteria.
    - The first criterion to check is the power. This is the most important element, because your device is called upon to produce high quality, top of the range sounds. The power ratings of wireless home cinema systems are expressed in RMS and DIN;
    - The other thing is that you need to make sure that the device you choose has a large interconnection capacity. If it can be connected to other devices or accessories such as USB sticks, Blu-Ray players, VCD or DVD.

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  • Selection of the Best Digital Piano Brands

    The technological revolution has brought a special touch to the tools of modern music. There are digital pianos on the market that are as good as the acoustic ones, and with a wide variety of models and brands. Here we offer you a selection of the best digital pianos.

    What is a digital piano?

    A digital piano is no different from a traditional piano in terms of function. Both have the same functions and are keyboards, stringed musical instruments that are used to produce sound in a rhythm and following a scale.
    Digital pianos are modern. They are more powerful than acoustic pianos and have very reliable electronics and strong inter-connectivity capabilities. They can be connected or linked with other devices to produce sound or share sound according to the desired range and expressed needs.

    How to distinguish the best digital pianos?

    Before you know whether a particular digital piano is of better quality, you will need to master the standard features. You must besides the power expressed in watts, determine, if the piano can offer you the range and timbres that you want to have for the production of your sounds.
    In order to master this characteristic you should call in a specialist or technician to help you. But in either case, the ideal is to get a piano of a renowned brand to avoid small problems just after some time of use. Here is our selection of the best digital piano brands available on the market.

    Kawai pianos

    This brand has proven itself in the market. It produces and provides its customers with a variety of qualities, yet durable digital pianos.

    Yamaha pianos

    The Yamaha brand produces pianos with extraordinary features. These pianos are the most powerful and sophisticated.

    the Casio pianos

    Casino pianos are also one of the best brands has revolutionised the technology of their pianos which now offer state of the art satisfaction.

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  • Atlantic'S Alarm is a brand of alarm systems based in France

    Atlantic'S is an alarm manufacturing brand based in France. It markets today, several varieties of alarm whose quality and effectiveness are no longer to be proven. In this article, we have given you an overview of the different productions of this brand. Read on to find out.

    Atlantic'S alarm: what you need to know

    Created in 2012, Atlantic'S is a French alarm brand that is very well known for the quality of its products. Its concept is based on a trilogy dimension: "to detect intrusions with efficiency, to trigger a siren and to alert the owners by phone". The brand has several models of wireless and wired alarms that are CE approved. It has more than thirty compatible peripherals such as remote controls, indoor and outdoor detectors, sirens, etc.
    It should also be noted that since 2003, Atlantic'S been ISO 9001 certified as a specialist in home alarms.

    What are the characteristics of the Atlantic'S alarm control units

    There are three (3) main categories of Atlantic'S alarm control panels. These are the Atlantic'S ST-III alarm central, which alerts to intrusions by a telephone transmission system. This system is facilitated by a fixed line called ADSL box. There is also the Atlantic'S ST-V alarm centre, which has a telephone system that can alert four people at once. Finally, there is the Atlantic'S Ates alarm control unit which has a transmission function identical to that of the ST-V.

    Where can you find Atlantic'S wireless alarms?

    There are trade partners who facilitate the sale of Atlantic'S wireless alarms in various ways. Either via digital channels or in a shop. As far as marketing via digital channels are concerned, you can buy your alarm on Amazon or C-discount. In the shops, you can also buy your alarm at CFP Sécurité, Darty, Fnac or Boulanger.

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  • What are the criteria for choosing a video intercom system?

    If you want to enhance the security of your home and monitor the entry and exit of your visitors, then opt for a video intercom. It is a safe and effective surveillance tool that will help you detect any ill-intentioned individuals entering your home. Read our article to know all about video intercom.

    What is a video intercom system?

    An intercom is an electronic device with a telecommunication system and a video screen that allows you to view the area of your home. Also known as a door phone, a video intercom is a form of fixed telephone, stabilised inside and outside your home to monitor the movements of visitors. It also allows you to talk to your family or communicate with a third party over a limited distance, usually covered by the boundary of your home.

    What are the different types of video intercoms?

    There are two different types of video intercoms. There is the wired video intercom designed for homes with large areas and the wireless video intercom. The latter is intended for individual homes and functions via radio waves.
    In addition, it should be noted that these devices fall under the domain of home automation and are subject to the DECT/GAP protocol.

    How to choose your quality video intercom?

    There are certain criteria that are crucial in choosing a good quality video intercom. First and for most, you need to purchase to ensure the size and quality of the intercom's screen. You must have an intercom whose camera resolution must allow you to take quality images. Also, its screen should be at least 18 cm.
    The user-friendliness of your intercom system is also important. It should be flexible and less heavy. It should also have additional functions that will give you the freedom to do what you want.

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